Study Plan


Area Axis 1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester 4th Semester 5th Semester 6th Semester 7th Semester 8th Semester
Compulsory Basic Common Preparation Basics Education
and ICT

Internationalization of Higher Education

      Final submission to draft to thesis readers, implementation of observations and corrections. Delivery of thesis to the DGES coordination and dissetation defense
Methodology Educational Research Quantitative
Research in Higher
Compulsory Determined Basic Preparation Tutoring in research outputs Thesis Seminar I Thesis Seminar II Thesis Seminar III Thesis Seminar IV Thesis Seminar V Thesis Seminar VI
Specialized Formation Area Specialized Theoretical SELECTED TOPICS SEMINAR  
Education Policies
II Higher Education Management III Theory and Organizational Analisis

Leadership and Ethics in HE

Optional Open Formation Area Optional



Note: The temathics and the content of the seminars in selected Topics (I, II, III y IV) and the elective seminars (I y II) that are shown on the map, will be approved , in order to propose actual issues impacting the Higher Education field without making structural changes to the studies program, by the DGES Academic Board a semester prior to its implementation. The names of the seminars of selected topics that appear in the map, make the first proposal that was included in the creation document of of the DGES.

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