Presentation Overview


The purpose of the Doctorate on Higher Education Management. (DGES) is to form researchers in the university management field. The DGES is aimed at academics, researchers, educational consultants, managers and higher education officials or agencies linked with those organizations interested in implementing investigation processes and policies that promote necessary and pertinent changes in the field of the Higher Education in Mexico and Latin America.  



The DGES contributes to the mission of the University of Guadalajara and the University Center of Economic and Administrative Sciences CUCEA for its social commitment in the training of researchers with a clear vision of the problems and challenges that the institutions of Higher Education face. Committed with the social justice, a democratic relationship and a professional ethics for the promotion and development of the quality, pertinence and innovation of the Higher Education.



In 2018 The PHD is linked with national and international Higher Education institutions and organizations that strengthen the collaboration in teaching, the program research lines and stimulate the mobility of teachers and students.

Alumni of the DGES work for Institutions and local as well as national and international Higher Education associations, both public and private. They perform as researchers and/or executives responsible for: educational centers, schools coordination, departments, programs, projects or academic units, due to the fact that they are capable of producing original investigations and lead research groups in the field of Public Policy and Management in Higher education.